Make your donation go further

In 2014, Kiwis claimed rebates for fewer than 50% of the donations made. That’s more than $200 million sitting at IRD and not in the community.

We make it simple and affordable for you to claim rebates for all your charity donations.

Smart Donation Makes Sense

Money goes where it’s needed, not to the IRD

When you make a donation, you can claim up to 33.33% of the amount donated as tax credit from IRD, which you can keep as a little reward for your good deed, or donate it back to your cause.

Take the hassle out of claiming your credits

Making a claim is simple with TMNZ. You won’t have to fill out IRD’s forms because we’ll do it all for you. Where you can’t find receipts, we will also contact the charities on your behalf to get it all confirmed.

Claim for donations made up to 3 years ago

If you made a donation and forgot to claim that year, it’s not too late – as long as it was no more than three years ago, you earned a taxable income and were a New Zealand tax resident in the year you’re claiming for.

Getting your rebate can be made easy