Smarter Giving

Did you know you can claim up to 33% of donations back?

When you make a donation, you can claim up to 33.33% of the amount donated as tax credit from IRD, which you can keep as a little reward for your good deed, or donate it back to your cause.

Did you know you can re-donate your tax donation rebate back to charity?

You can choose to have your rebate go back to the charity as a new donation or else receive the rebate back into your account.

By registering with our Smart Donation service, you will no longer need to fill out the IRD tax credit claim form (IR526) and we can even process the donation rebate without you needing to provide a donation receipt for charities that have partnered with TMNZ. You can claim donation rebates for up to three years prior if you have not done so already.

Getting started is quick and easy

Getting started with Smart Donation:

All you need to do is:

  • Register with Smart Donation
  • Provide proof of identity (e.g. a photo of your driver’s license or passport)
  • Start a donation rebate claim and provide details of your donations

TMNZ can then process the donation rebate with IRD, acting as your authorized tax agent for that specific donation rebate. We charge an administration fee for each IR526 form filed.

Check out the Smart Donation FAQs page to find out more about how it works. For more details, read the Smart Donation Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions, please get in touch